dibble dabble

designer remnants

its been a bit cold in these parts or i should say its been hella cold here. the heat has been hissing nonstop for about a week now. the worse part is that i know this old house has the worst drafts that makes one feel like your in an icebox. one thing i’ve been meaning to tackle was to make a few door snakes to keep out some of the cold from under the doors. luckily, while my girlfriends where x’mas shopping i was busy rummaging a barrel of nice remnants. the pile i ended up with was enough to make four door snakes and it only cost me a mere 95 cent! how awesome is that?!

just when i was ready to start sewing my first snake my machine decides to get all kooky on me. mind you this machine is practically new. the last time i used it was to sew some kitty toys for my cats. after fiddling with it for a few hours & a wasting a spool of thread, i was about to give up & take it in for repair. but….. i managed to fix my machine via youtube. ha, thank good for the internet. it helps to see things visually than to read a manual and not understand certain sewing lingo.

though i wasted a few hours fixing my machine but i was able to sew & stuff one fancy schmancy door snake. now three more to go.

in other news: almost done x’mas shopping! woohoo! keeping it simple & stress free.


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