yes, 5,000ft elevation almost took me over the edge. altitude sickness. a headache that felt like a bad hangover. vomiting, one on my way up & one on my way down. i’ve never been this sick from altitude before. i’ve been to higher grounds in the past. maybe i’m gettin’ old & can’t handle the thin air. who knows? all this makes me a bad foodie mood. so no food porn to drool over on this trip besides this salad.

ginormous mediteranean salad

i had to squeeze one last trip for 2009. so when an old friend called to meet her in sedona, arizona, i was on it. i don’t know much about the place besides it being desert-y dry.

up & up we go

its amazing how the landscape changes at every turn. the same rock can look different from a different time of day. picture perfect. can’t really go wrong with pictures.

we're here!!

had enough red rock mountain pictures, yet? i’ll throw in one more just for the thrill. i know these mountains have names but i didn’t take note & i couldn’t tell you since something was drilling through my noggin.

we didn’t know what to expect in sedona. maybe a small town with old general stores & cute lil’ old gas stations? *shrug* that wasn’t the case. instead it was like an expensive small suburb with expensive restaurants, pricey art galleries & strip-like tchotchke malls. i don’t think we met one or anyone who actually lives in town because they all say its expensive to live there. so who lives there? i’m assuming rich people who can retire or have a big house in the hills.

wonder who lives out there?

we were out there at their slowest & lowest season, but i can’t imagine how crowded it gets during the warmer high season. the hotel i found wasn’t bargain basement prices but it was still better than the $$ that was still being charged at most of the places i looked at this time of year. its a place for pricey spa treatments & vortex tours. we passed by a few campgrounds & national forest preserves. i admit i’ve never camped in my life but i’m sure its an awesome place to go camping. there were plenty of great hiking trails. i did a long 2hr hike by myself (that was an insane move on my part). boy, did my entire body pay for it the next day. not the best to over exert oneself with altitude sickness. duh!

death & decay

though i can’t imagine living here full time because i like more greenry than pine trees & cacti. i also like to see some water. here was one besides the pool in our hotel.

oak creek

i wish i had felt hundred percent in our short visit  but i still had a nice time catching up with an old friend with a pretty backdrop. thankfully she’s in the profession of health & understood what was going on. all i can say, my next vacation, beach & sand in my next travels. look out 2010!

in other news: its snowing outside.  i’ve decided, shoveling snow is a good cardio workout in my book.


2 thoughts on “5,000ft

  1. ugh, altitude sickness! this sucks! i guess you’re right, maybe it’s an age thing? i don’t like the mountains anymore – but 25 years ago i spent my whole army time in the alps, mountain climbing every week, hiking every day! doh!

    • wow you we’re practically a mountain man. i hope high elevation doesn’t eliminate places that i’d love to visit some day. 🙂

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