hello 2010!!

the beeper-roo

a new entry. a new day (well technically its day 2 now). a new year. a new decade. a new start. happy 2010! mmm…now that its moved into double digits, it kinda sound sci-fi-ish there. i don’t really have much of a new year’s resolution. in fact, i hate that word. how about aim for the new year? since 2009 was a major slump in all factors in my world, it made me into one big lazy bum. i need to pick myself back up, get motivated & active again. otherwise, i think my body & brain will just continue the process of mush. well not all of ’09 was a total lost cause, i’ve acquired a few things to launch the new year:

to health

i got a supply of vitamins for women as a gift from a very good friend who works in the world of health & nutrition. you may think this is one of the oddest gift one could get but i was totally thrilled. getting older is no fun but realizing i need extra help to stay healthy is a new thing for me. i’m sure its because i’ve inquired her a many times on vitamins & nutrition. the great thing is that its all packaged up for my daily intake, split up for the morning & one for the evening. plus its easy to take with when traveling or just on the go. as much as i hate taking these horse-like pills, i’m gonna have to suck it up & get use to it. its all for my health & well-being.

kick up the jams

this was a total surprise for me but the hubs got me my own electric guitar. sparkly red in a pink girly case. even the picks were electric red. do i play? no. i’ve tried learning acoustic many years ago but i was a bad student who didn’t practice. so now i have my own guitar, i need to make time & do something about it. i need to learn how to rock out. ok, i’m probably more shy to ever play in front of people and will most likely jam in my own private space. i’ll keep you tuned in on my progress.

purple cleaning monster

i admit i’m no cleaning queen but i was tired of my vaccums going kaput after a few years. so, i was one of those crazies out on black friday after thxgiving to catch an awesome deal on a dyson. after losing hope in 3 stores, i finally found it by my dad’s house, which had two in stock. my dad said, “who in this neighborhood would pay that much mone for a vaccum?” he’s right. that’s crazy and i want it. ha! even with the somewhat huge markdown, the price still wasn’t all that pretty for my pocketbook. but from what i’ve heard & read, its worth it. with five kitties, it will be, damn it!

squeegy the model

next thing on this list is, taking better photos with my new dslr. i don’t inspire to be a professional photographer, but never say never, right? it’s more of an artistic hobby to play around & be inspired. my subjects will mostly likely be food & my kitties. exciting, huh?

finally, this isn’t anything new but i should learn to sew better & more. my poor lonely machine sits there accumulating dust. i really don’t know my way around it too well but gosh darnit, i will sew beyond kitty toys & door snakes if i have to. maybe i should really learn to sew a cover for my machine next. :/

last on my NY agenda, blog more. i realize i don’t have any particular focus on any particular subject(food, cats, travel, etc). its just a place to write.

anyhoo, happy new year to all. i hope its going to be a good one!

in other news: finally changed my mast head. its a picture of my partial collection of souvenir magnets over the years. some from my own travels & some from friends & families. the collection keeps growing & i treasure them all.

2 thoughts on “hello 2010!!

  1. sounds like a good list of things ahead in 2010! (you’re right, it does sound kinda sci-fi.)

    i also feel like 2009 was kind of a wash (although i did finally meet you and that was nice!). let’s try to make 2010 better, huh? 🙂

    p.s. love the new masthead.

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