light treat

light treat, originally uploaded by maomau.

just a quick post because i should be working right now, so excuse my bad rambliing of a post.

when my dad came by to drop off some papers, he wanted me to take him to the local vietnamese deli & bakery for some bahn mi (vietnamese sandwich) to take home with him. i’ve been really lazy about cooking lately, so this was also an excuse for me to pick up a late lunch for myself. after placing my sandwich order, i was eyeing the other premade goodies. mmm…dessert or not?? i’m not exactly a dessert person but i can’t help but pick up a package of fried sesame balls (taste better than it sounds), made of rice flour & stuffed w/ a lightly sweetened mashed mung beans. i love the airy crunch of the rice ball & fragrant the sesame seeds. i usually see it stuffed with red bean at the chinese bakery, but i much prefer this vietnenamese version. its perfect with my milk tea. ok, back to work.


2 thoughts on “light treat

  1. Hmm… I am going to have to look for these at the Viet deli now! I’m almost positive they have them and I assumed they were the same as the Chinese version. Now I want to try the monggo version!

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