aahh…milk tea


brings me back to when i use to go to the old chinatown coffee shop* with my dad when i was a kid. mostly occupied by old chinese men in the neighborhood. smoky. hole-in-the-wall. lots of voices mixed in with the clinging & clanging of dishes & cups. it was kinda intimidating for a little girl nontheless. barely tall enough to sit nicely on the counter stool but enough to watch as the waitress prepared my dad his coffee & my milk tea, usually a few pumps of condensed milk, hot water & lipton tea bag. its comfort for me. these days i make it with agave syrup, organic 2% milk (sometimes almond milk) & lipton tea bag. its gotta be lipton. it just doesn’t taste the same with other black tea. of course now, if i wanted coffee i can but milk tea is still a childhood fav of mine.

in other news: rewatched what happened to baby jane? geezus, that movie still puts me on the edge of my seat. that bette davis’ jane scares the crap outta me. it comes a good second to scary clowns.

*that coffee shop is no longer in business.

2 thoughts on “aahh…milk tea

    • it taste like sugar syrup. i put it in my coffee & sometimes cooking. its a better alternative to white sugar plus i don’t have to wait for it to melt 🙂

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