fast food asian american style

butter not pictured

its an american thing to have things fast & convenient. i was told by a non-american friend who said that i was very american because i manage to always whip up food so dang fast. mmm…what can i say, i like good food with a short amount of ingredients. i just don’t really have the daily patience for a mile long recipe of ingredients. *shrug* ha, whatever.  i think anyone who ends up in the US ends up eating or making things fast n’ easy hence all the drive throughs. ha!

this next fast food, i learned from my gf’s malaysian-cambodian mom many years ago, who by the way is an amazing cook & can make a buffet of food for an army all by herself. i really don’t know how she does it. i can barely handle a dinner party of 8ppl. one of the most simplest dessert she showed us consisted of: frozen roti (found at southeast asian or asian food grocer), butter & condensed milk. i have yet to make my way to malaysia but i’m sure roti made as a snack out on the streets of malaysia must be friggin’ awesome, because its so good with the frozen roti after its been panfried in butter & drizzled with condensed milk. try it. its awesome. add fruits like strawberries or banana if you got some around.


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