best way to make espresso

lately i’ve been in a state of limbo. as i wait for word from my clients. as i figure out what my next move will be (career-wise). as i try to finish different tasks on my list-of-things-to-do. it sorta seems neverending and it keeps me awake till all hours of the night. i use to be a morning person, as-in my internal clock will wake me up @ 5 or 6am. these days i’m lucky i can get up by 7 or 8am. it kind of sucks because i feel like i’m still at the same place where i was the day before. so about a month or two ago, i eased up drinking coffee everyday, hoping that will help me sleep.

cuppa joe

don’t get me wrong, i like coffee. from many years of drinking coffee, i wasn’t a super picky coffee drinker, just as long it doesn’t taste like ashes or dirt. i’ve had instant nestle cafe con leche in mexico, in the phillippines and quite possibly in hong kong, too. i can’t tell you how amazing jamaican blue mountain hill would be from good costa rican & hawaiian grounds. maybe its the way i brew it or maybe our water is different? i do know. i have friends who are coffee snobs who passes on their rejected bag of dunkin’ doughnut or starbucks grounds because of whatever reason. i drink it all the same i don’t mind. BUT since my intake has been reduced to maybe 1 or 2x a week, i like to make myself a nice cup of coffee, not from a coffee maker or a french press. i like the good ol fashion over-the-stove purculating kettle. of course good coffee grounds is a must, i like using illy or lavazza espresso, which i use to have a friend & family send me a couple of bricks from europe. does that make me a coffee snob? maybe but the its so gooooood. as far as my sleeping habit? the drop in caffeine didn’t do anything because in truth, i’m just a big worry wart. boo!

rainbow puto

this past weekend i went to a friend’s 4yr old daughter’s birthday party. i was there for the food because there’s really not much fun for us no-kids ppl. i ate as other parents were constantly interrupted by smelly diapers, crying & screaming kids in the big playhouse in what is really a big warehouse in a semi-remote industrial part of town. i was sent home with a goodie bag of some of the leftover food. one of the items was putos (pic above). they were colorful for the occasion (i usually see it white) but these weren’t very good. pretty chokingly dry for steamed cake. apparently, puto has other meanings too. ha!

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