technical difficulties


so while on vacation, i had a few mishaps. usually i don’t bring more than two cameras. sometimes 2 different P&S or one DSLR & one P&S.

after disembarking the plane in puerto rico, the hubs dropped his bag, which housed all his electronics & my DSLR. i gasped “my camera!” the hubs reassured me that it should all be ok since it was in a padded bag. but when i pulled it out @ our beach house for a few picture ops,  it just cranked the weirdest noise when trying to auto focus. it was a very “wtf!” moment. its only the beginning of  the vacation and now my lil’ P&S will have to make do, right?

two days later, my P&S accidentally got splashed w/ a little water. it couldn’t turn on or turn off. i had to pull the battery out each time. the LCD just went bezerk than signals a shut down which it was too retarded to do so at this point. its pretty much dead. what picture i have in that card needs to be downloaded. i just need to figure out how. it doesn’t recognize the images when i put it in a different brand camera. lovely, huh?

i did take some pictures by manually focusing my dslr, but as i go through them now its a 50/50 bunch of pictures. thankfully i’ll be getting copies of what my SIL took during our vacation. :/

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