oh monday!

wheat tortilla+ blk forest ham+ havarti+ eggs + chives

damn, where did the weekend go?

fri nite: had a nice dinner catching up w/ my friend S @ Longman & Eagle. nice stiff drinks and a few tapas style small plates. everything was delish.  we probably could have thrown down a second round of small plates but that would have been like $100 of not-so-full-feeling. we almost went for a second meal somewhere else cheaper but held off. at the same time, the tables were a bit too close for my comfort that i could have picked off another dining patrons plate besides listening on their convo. but you know what? in the end it was still good company, convo & food.

sat: skipped out on a dim sum birthday celebration. alternated between work & gardening. clean house. nothing exciting just taking care of home stuff. cooked up a storm for i don’t know who. made watercress soup, steamed garlic blk bean ribs, spicy ddukboki (rice cakes) and kalbi.

swiss chard

sun: more gardening. even though it was sunny i was frozen solid afterwards. went to a very belated anti-climatic teenager’s birthday. then having his pre pubescent sister shower me with her sneezes. eeewW!

in other news: i don’t like total strangers gettin’ all up in my business.


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