i wish

i’ve always been jealous about how much vacation time europeans get as oppose to the standard american’s dinky 2 weeks. How sad is that for mental health? I admit i once worked at a place and didn’t take a vacation for the entire year because my boss discouraged us all from it. that boss wanted us to work hard & play later, if ever. she didn’t care. as long as she got rich w/ her penthouse office & we were her worker bees w/ no possible growth. I was only there for a 1.5yrs before i said f**k this shit! anyhoo…

i’ve alway wondered how awesome it would be to take a year sabbatical to do other things. i’ve done a month long sabbaticals a few times in the past. but a year long seems scary kinda scary to me, for business & finance. i mean its all possible but very hard, especially during these tough times.

i thought this was interesting. yeah, if only we can spread out our retirement years into our working  years. Wouldn’t that be great?


One thought on “i wish

  1. yes, as someone who just came back from a week’s vacation, i have to say i’m jealous too. and anytime my relatives in europe discuss moving to america i remind them of how cushy their lives in europe are…at least when it comes to matters of vacation. amazing what even a simple week can do to clear the mind and rejuvenate the spirit. now if only i got this sort of a break more than twice a year. 🙂

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