no pain no gain

i admit i’ve been lazy about working out since my braces came off about two years ago. they were a pain at times but i literally went 2 sizes down during that time. braces definitely deterred me from eating much & i actually worked out more. and when they came off, so did my eating habit & workout regimen. i wouldn’t say i’m unhealthingly obese. but on my recent physician trip i was told to ante up on physical activities to stay healthy as i age. damn metabolism! why do you have to slow down & let things like fat stick around a lot longer than one would like? its the sign of time, huh?

case in point, i didn’t go to my class reunion, didn’t know about it, but i saw pictures (after the fact) online of old classmates from the event. i either had coke glasses on or my screen needed adjusting but everyone, if not 85% of everyone, dare i say was L! if not XXL. i have to say the few people who use to be big in HS went the opposite direction. they became fit. they looked good.

working out is not fun if it feels like a chore but i think if i find something i like, i’d continue it. so far i’ve tried these different classes:

bikram yoga aka hot yoga: went to 1.5 classes. nearly died the first day. it was way too dripping hot & suffocating for me. i can barely concentrate on a pose without sweat stinging my eyes every second. i think i’ll stick with a steam room or sauna for hot sweatiness.

basic yoga: i think it depends where & who i take the classes. the ones that made me so relaxed where i’ve caught myself snoring during the savasana pose (corpse pose) are great but usually its so crowded & full of yoga fanatics. i’ve yet to find a place that i feel comfortable to be a regular.

pilates: the mat sessions are very low impact yet it was good to build core & ab work.  yes, go away 2nd stomach! i was taking this regularly during my braces days that i even went to a one week workshop in mexico where we did it 2x a day. i need to get back into it. i know to yoga fanatics this is boring but whatever, i say do what works for you.

water aerobics: a really great gentle way to workout. the warm pool is nice & very low impact. its mostly filled w/ geriatrics who wear gym shoes in the pool. plus isn’t it kinda sad if i’ve joined the geriatric crowd prematurely?

swimming: definitely a great full body workout but it takes practice and a pool not filled with wading geriatrics & kids.

synergy: a mix of yoga & pilates slash music. whats not to like when you have music to make your moves with. i’ve been doing this when ever i can.

zumba: i’ve got two left feet & i can’t keep up w/ the dance & movement to save my life. aaack!

kettlebells: i had no idea what this was & had to youtube it. during my first class, i nearly fainted from low blood sugar after a half an hr. it definitely gets your heart going in full force & the squats are killer. i was sore for a whole week. not kidding. luckily, i like the size of my class (i feel like i have a personal trainer) & the instructor. it kicks my butt every time but my endurance is now much stronger than it was a few months ago. my instructor is trying to sway me into TRX (suspension training). we shall see.

running: never really tried it. i’ll bike before i run. ha!

so the newest thing i just tried out was the bar method. i had to youtube it to see exactly what i’m getting into. didn’t look too bad. i tried out one class. its a lot of ballet moves. i’d say its a low impact workout. so why do i feel all anxiety ridden? i think i was the only newbie in the class so my name was called out constantly throughout the entire hour. not only was my name called out, the instructor literally pushed her head into my back & adjusted my posture. it kinda felt like military bootcamp ballet. i’m pretty sure i’ll be sore tomorrow. after class, she actually insisted i go back the very next day. i wasn’t planning on it but i’m going to give it a rest and try it out another time. eeeks!

yes, my list is all low impact workouts for my aching & crickety old self. :/ LOL!

**update** not as sore as i thought i’d be.


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