better late than never

my gfriend Rho (who also happens to be my neighbor) and i have always talked about having raised beds in our yards. i think we’ve talked about it for the past 3yrs, maybe more but who’s counting. all i know is that it never seems to happen. until i started reading a few gardening books over the winter and realized, enough talkin’, i’m just going to order it premade. damn it!! they threw the boxes in the snow covered yard and sometime in the spring, i pulled it out of the boxes & put the two beds up w/ my dad one day in less than an hour. they were beautiful garden beds! i planted my seedlings. my romanian neighbor was so impressed he walked out and told me he thought of his homeland and growing one’s own fresh veggies. wow, kinda funny cause this man never comes out of his back deck which faces my yard.

this past weekend Rho texted me to assist in her DIY project. she’s going to get hers done once and for all too! its pretty late planting for the spring but better late than never, right? we’ve got plenty of seedlings to plant and i want it all to grow. it should be okay since she has a much bigger yard & much more sun area. the tomatoes are going to love their new home in no time.

this is how it all went down on a sunday morning:

2 woman. a pickup truck. 2 hardware store trips. 20 bags of 40lb organic dirt. 14 cedar panels. 16 L-brackets. 1 miter saw. a power drill. a pencil. a lot of elbow grease (not that much from me, but i do what i could, ha!) 5hrs later.

her lady neighbor came by the fence and said “so cooool, chics & power tools”! LOL! we made 2 beds. one more to go. we stopped before the afternoon rain came pouring out of the sky. it was sooo exciting to see the two done. can’t wait to get the seedlings in!! we’re going to have a good abundance this year.

in other news: its been weather roulette here. rain. sun. clouds. rain. cold. sun. heat. rain. repeat. this is what i’d expect april & may to be like, but its june.  but who knows, i’ve already caught a barrel full of rain water to water my garden. let see how hot its going to get this summer, cause we might need all the water i can get.


One thought on “better late than never

  1. chicks & power tools! LOL

    good job! it’s june, yes, but winter was 4 weeks too long, so let’s count june as may, 4 right? 😉

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