– finally some relief but we made it through the past few weeks of very very hot days & evening without AC. just a lot of fans.

– i hate cleaning, in general

– i think i’m done with my veggie garden. the heat basically fried up the tomates & the lettuce bolted to a weed.

– heard gunshots late one evening. a kid was down literally out front next door. the whole street was jammed w/ fire trucks, ambulance & police cars. (the kid will be ok)

– found a few cute skirts at the thrifts store

– my dentist said i was a bad flosser but at least i keep up with my retainer.

– my pregger gf had to stop, gag & vomit after getting off the train on our way home. i’m sure the sound was pretty horrifying for the people who were walking outside & homes with windows open because it definitely echoed down the whole block. kinda funny. kinda not.

– surprised & celebrated a old friend’s 4oth bday. holy crap, we’re getting old!!

– organizing 7yrs of admin is no small feat also not my forte

– homemade fresh blueberry ice cream (see image)

i don’t have exact measurements but this is what i used:

– fresh blueberries

– whipping cream

– half & half

– agave syrup

i use a hand blender to blend all the ingredients until smooth. then pour the mixture into an ice cream maker. churn for 20mins & viola!  **sometimes i might add more agave syrup for sweeter taste while its churning in the machine.


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