bust a move

i don’t really sew but i inherited this vintage bust from a girlfriend’s mom’s house. i don’t know what i’ll do with it but i guess if i ever get to my online vintage store it would be the clothes modeler.

and since were on the topic of vintage, here are some goodies i found at a few recent estate sales & thrift stores this summer.

cat scroll

sometimes hunting for vintage is like a sport. take for instance the cat scroll (pic above). i initially had my eye on a table lamp (similar to the laurel mushroom lamp). actually my whole goal at that estate sale was to get that lamp. we had to take numbers in order to go into the sale. when our numbers were called, someone decided to forgo their number & this lady totally jumped in right in front of us to take the number. And guess what? she literally got to that lamp in front of my reach. aaaack!! what a bummer! after that, i just didn’t have any interest for anything else. i went from room to room trying to find an alternative prize. then as we were about to leave, i saw this poor little scroll hanging on the closet door. it made me smile (cause i do like certain cat art) for a $1 & my friend picked himself a potato masher.

we made up our disappointment w/ a delicious brunch @ nana’s:

country fried chicken on a fava bean waffle

pupusa, homemade chorizo, poached eggs w/ poblano cream & home fries

ok, it didn’t totally wipe out my disappointment of the lamp but it definitely cured my hunger.


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