happy wave

i’m an early bird in general. even on vacation. while the hubs slept in, i  ventured out to a nearby flea market in a converted drive-in theatre.

paid my drive-in fee.

saw some interesting things.

saw some cape stuff.

saw the pyrex mixing bowls from afar but what i really wanted was the ant covered table cloth.

then i saw this mix bowl. i was only going to pick one item (space factor) out of these pieces.

then again, i almost passed on it all because i really hate the one bag policy on domestic flights which meant that i had to stuff all these pieces in my one bag, adding another fragile 10lb to my already heavy duffle bag. the lady wanted to get rid of it before she packe up so you gave me a deal for all of it. who can say no to that? i’m glad i lugged them home because they are happy, aren’t they?

though, i was sad i had to pass on this big metal plate. i might have taken it if she had sold it for $5. muwhahaaha. oh well.


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