while replacing all the windows on our house, they came across a huge problem with our bathroom windows (caused by the last owner) where they had to chisel out some tiles. so when they chiseled it just sort of melted. those tiles were so badly constructed that over the years it had been slowly rotting away underneath. gross! we had always wanted to get our bathroom remodeled some day but this sort of really pushed us to do it now! its amazing we’ve lived with it for so long but now its going to happen.

this time were going to do what works for us. we’re getting rid of the tub & making it a huge walk in shower. because in all the years we’ve lived here or anywhere, we’ve probably only taken handful of baths. unless you have kids, i don’t know much people who do it everyday either, only what you see in the movies with a gazillion lighted candles and all. i think time is the essence and most people take showers in the morning before they start the day. in college, i once had a german exchange student, klaus, laugh at us americans for not taking real baths. (k.d, you may have to confirm this ;p) anyhoo, i know its probably not a marketable thing if we sell but selling is the last thing on our minds right now.


3 thoughts on “renovations

  1. walk in showers are BEST. good idea! when i’m travelling i always look for hotel rooms with such an open shower cabin.

    oh, hehe, yea, i admit i luuuves me a hot bubble bath especially during winter time… 😛

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