the end is near

bathroom renovations is almost done. almost meaning, i will be able to take a shower in my own bathroom & pee in my toilet whenever i please. its been 2wks of renovations. apparently the wall tile was tedious when it came to corners & ends. This week’s dilemma was the stone slabs (one pictured above), which took waaay longer than what i paid for (i paid a rush). on top of that, it had a long ass crack in the center of the slab. i should have realized i was in trouble when the rep, who sorta look & sound like Seth Rogen just had a very  nonchalant “stoned” attitude. kinda slow. no updates. no replies. not much communications to the whereabouts of the production unless i call. i really hate calling & nagging a gazillion times. they wanted friggin’ pictures of the crack, which is hard because its so reflective. so i literally took pictures & drew a diagram of the damn cracks. i really don’t want to be an evil bitch but this girl needs her damn bathroom! this is what happen when there is only ONE bathroom. be lucky if you have two bathrooms to work with. next week, one thing holding us on final finishes is the vanity. sink, toilet, medicine cabinet, faucet & fixture is all here but the damn cabinet takes 3-4wks!! wtf! i should have just hired a woodworker/carpenter to build me a damn box.

**update** so i tried to move this exact slab off the ground & it literally cracked in half

in the meantime, we also had them replace all the base boards & bedroom doors in the apartment. yes, its construction craze up in here. construction = dust. dust EVERYWHERE! i’m coughing up dust as i type. *cough-choke-gurgle*

in other news: i hurt my lower back. yes, i know i’m becoming an old rickety lady. 😦

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