another day

i had the most vividly scary dream that i woke up from this morning. i won’t go into the lurid details but it involved being in some crumby squatter of a place in new york, a girl who looked similar to the Swedish actress in the girl with the dragon tattoo, an online friend i met earlier this year, sewing, retainer (yes, the one for my teeth), snoring, a group of scary men. the end. its one of those dreams where your glad you woke up from because it could get heinously ugly for me. not sure why i had this dream but i’m sure it has to do with the stress and chaos i’m living right now.

renovations: its week numero 3. it was nice to have a day off yesterday from construction. today: they’re sanding the walls. painting the hall way. finishing up what they could with the tiles in the bathroom sans the key item, stone slab!!


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