back to black

I think our handyman thinks we’re on a black kick. we intially hired him to finish our sunroom from the crappy job of the last owner, and this house has a whollotta crappy workmanship of the ex-owner. bleeech! so, as they were about to finish the sunroom, we kinda added a few more things on the agenda, like redo the bathroom, rebuild the missing bookshelves & mantle, remove all the decorative trim, cornice & base board to just straight edge simple base boards & paint it black. he really thought we were kidding. we’ve already done it in the foyer & stairwell, why not continue it. right? i think he’s beginning to see the charm of it.

bright white wall in the sunroom & grey in the living room w/ black trim

so the bathroom is still not finished, because tragedy struck when i went to pick the stone slab up the other day & it literally cracked in half as i was about to take it in the house from the garage. i didn’t even bump or drop it. i felt sick to my stomach, because i really want the friggin’ bathroom to be done. damnit! its on week 4 and remember we only have one bathroom. *sigh*

anyhoo, to help out a little, i decided to paint the radiator in the bathroom. it was covered with dust, chipped silver paint & rust. my gawd, that thing didn’t have dust bunnies, it had dust rhinos! i found a can of leftover black heat resistant paint & a can of black spray paint. i was going to spray paint the whole thing but i didn’t really like the matte texture so i sprayed the insides and painted the gloss stuff on the parts i can reach with my paint brush. lookin’ good>

i had the guys put it in place and i think its looking pretty nice with our black floor tiles & bluish glass tiles. not exactly sure what trim to do between tile & wall, black wood or rubber. mmm

what's the hold up?: see the missing stone slab that was suppose to go on the lower right ledge

material close-up

ok, now let’s hope this bathroom will be done next week!!

listen: la noche de la iguana – lucrecia

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