oh hello November!!

my gawd, where did october go? November just snuck out from all the fallen leaves. i refuse to believe that winter is around the corner. its time to pullout the sweaters & winter coats. turn on the heat. super moisturize dry skin. comfort food. hibernate. before you know it, i’ll be shoveling my walk.

i do like fall veggies. i still have kale & swiss chard growing out in the yard, but i think its all ruined by all the construction debris. i managed to save the last of my basil. i was really excited the other day when Trader Joe’s was selling brussel sprouts by the stalk. I’ve never had brussel sprouts growing up. all i knew was that kids (on tv) would whine & kick that they had to eat it. So, not till i was an adult with my own home & kitchen did i finally tried it. i love it! it taste like cabbage. what’s not to like when its mini cabbages?

my favorite way to prepare brussel sprouts: boil or roasted. then slathered w/ butter & salt. then my BIL’s girlfriend introduced me to bacon & brussel sprouts. its a winner!

happy november!

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