happy furry friday

i can’t believe this week is over. my bathroom is near finish. my living room is near finish. my hallway is finished but i think i need to make one little change. dining room wall will have to come next. i tell ya, owning a home means never ending projects.

i spent most of yesterday returning & shopping. i prefer doing all my shopping & errands during the day. i avoid weekends (fri-sun), if i can help it. i realized running errands during the day i run into a lot of geriatrics & moms w/ babies (not that there is anything wrong with that), but mostly geriatrics. whether its the hardware store, grocery, post office or ikea, i’m out with the old peeps. i don’t mind it, i can still get a lot of things checked off my list than if i had done it on the weekends.

in other news: i had a slight argument with an old friend the other day. it was about travel. she was so quick to judge a country because of what she think she knows. aargh. i told her until you’ve actually seen or experienced some place, you can’t say its all bad. i said sometimes we have to have an open mind & see for ourselves, whether its a person, place or thing.  she was quick to defend herself by saying she wasn’t dumb. i didn’t say she was dumb but  i said she had to stop judging by a single story.

i thought of this TED presentation by author Chimamanda Adichie. Its a wonderful presentation. if you have some time, i highly recommend sitting through the entire video.


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