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days leading to my birthday has been a blur, a gluttonous blur that is. i don’t have much pictures to show. and if i did, it wasn’t a very good picture. so you’ll have to trust me when i say i ate very very well for four days straight with different family + friends. i think that’s the best part of birthdays is spending it with good friends and family with a good meal. here’s a quick run down:

day 1

triple crown 2 – dim sum

takashi – japanese/french

day 2

willow tree house – korean lunch & shopping nearby

santorini – greek seafood

greek starters

day 3

sun wah – chinese extravaganza

peking duck!

day 4

takoyaki party

han202 – 5-course meal

octopus balls in the making

i still have a few more I.O.U’s in the near future so the celebration continues.

today: belated birthday lunch & an episode of true blood with old college roomie.

in other news: i realized my neighbor has taken on a new occupation as a junk metal collector. its definitely looking a bit like sanford & son over there. now if only i had some extra $$ to put up a 6′ private fence.


2 thoughts on “blur

    • totally sinful! one of my friend was soo impressed by it all that she wants to have a chinese extravaganza (w/ duck) for her bday in 3wks. hhahaha. so i guess i’ll be eating that very soon again.

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