i love seeing & reading other people’s before and after projects. it always amazes me to see the transformation & creativity of what people can do. i’ll admit i’m usually lazy about documenting this process. i’ve always wanted to do it but don’t take the time. so when the window installation fiasco became a a major gut rehab for our lil’ bathroom, this was my chance to do a before & after. i didn’t take much before pictures because i’m just too embarrassed by it. how did we live with it for so long is beyond me. anyhoo, here it is! all done. smacking brand new. i guess it can be described as modern hotel? except i don’t have the super side showers blasting from the sides or the jet tub. oh well, can’t have it all can we?

anyhoo, now the rest of the house probably looks ghetto compared to the bathroom. ha!


11 thoughts on “ta-dah

    • thx! i think i should have chosen a lighter bamboo vanity but the dark also works. my contractor said it was a very masculine b/r. i know i didn’t want a frilly floral one. hehehe

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