neu haus

believe it or not, i’ve been searching for a cool bird house. i regret not buying the teak ones i had seen when i was in vietnam in ’03. i hate that i didn’t buy it then because i end up regretting it forever. until now. i found one in madison, wi., while window shopping. the odd shape and simplicity just caught my eye. ceramic & wood. the smaller one on the right was different but it was only a $5 difference to the one on the left, so i bought the bigger house. i’m sure the birdies won’t mind a bigger house, right? i didn’t pull mine out of the box for a better picture but let’s just say i can’t wait to hang it out next spring.

in other news: i hate hiring someone new who ends up being a grazer** a majority of the time at a client meeting. and when i got back to my office, i was even more irked when the grazer sends me his invoice for the day. wtf?! never again!

listen: salty dog – cat power

**someone who browses around the food table, usually a buffet.

2 thoughts on “neu haus

    • i never did either until a friend who works in the corporate world described it. i instantly thought of a cow & it was sorta appropriate. ha!

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