you’ve got nothing

if we got what nyc  just had earlier this week (snow blizzard), we’d be ok. i always tell people if you’ve lived in chicago (or midwest in general), your pretty much prepared for any type of weather. we’ve got the insane heat & humidity of summer. the rain of spring. the perfect medium of fall. then we’ve got the snow & frigid frost of the winter. so don’t tell me how cold or hot you’ve got it until you’ve lived here you’ll what four full seasonal weather is all about.

Things i don’t get: wearing knitted hats, Uggs and huge down coats in 50˙F+ weather. i know its december but come on! i saw people wearing this stuff in friggin Florida when it was practically 80˙F outside!


4 thoughts on “you’ve got nothing

  1. HAHA… I used to think that everyone with only 2 seasons (rainy and not rainy) were pussies when they busted out the puffy jackets and scarves when it hit 65F, but now… I understand. HA…. I have the thin thin blood of a Californian and it’s so sad, but I whip out a jacket when it’s under 70.

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