red velvet cake ball

starting off the new year with a recent food pic because i just don’t have the energy to be super creative & celebratory. instead, i’ve been spending the last few days nursing a bad bad cold. the kind that clogs your head, nose & mouth. the kind that drains much of my energy to do anything then lounge, sleep & watch a lot of netflix (i highly recommend Party Down & Fat Actress. hilarious stuff). I have to get close to well before the week starts. i’ve got boot camp. eeeks!

zucchini & onion korean savory pancake

so here’s to 2011! i’m looking forward to some new challenges & exciting things to come.

ps. i almost made 100 post last year but missed it by one. this year, i’ll try my best to post more. we shall see…

organic eggs, tomato relish on rye


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