this year…

doesn’t it seem like the holiday celebration was over just like *snap* that? then its the new year to start new challenges, finish the unfinished, replenish & reconnect.

this year i’m starting a new year working by myself. my partner has moved on. from now on: i must figure out & finish the job by myself. kinda scary. hell yeah! be better with admin, ugh! i always put that off. its all about scheduling & to-do-lists

purge more. finish cozying up the living room. bedrooms next. clear out the basement. if i’ve learned anything from going to estate sales & watching hoarders. we really don’t need that much stuff.

things i’ve never done from scratch but have always wanted to: roast a chicken, make pizza, bake rustic bread, shanghai soup dumplings & new england clam chowder ++ all the different recipes i’ve got tabbed in the stack of cookbooks & magazines i have all over the house.

i admit i’m not much of a long term crafter. i’m a dabbler. i make stuff here & there but i never keep doing it consistently to perfect it. i need to patch up a few clothing items. i owe a few people some DIY gifts. we’ll see what i come up with. i’ve got lots of paper & fabric i need to purge. yes, purging is good.

will probably team up with my neighbor to get a good variety of veggies in this year.

joined a boot camp. hope to continue kettlebells & pilates. ride my bike more this summer. staying active. staying away from becoming jabba the hut.

visit friends far & wide. one or two place in the US. one in Europe. one in Asia would be nice. its really up to me to make it happen.

etc. etc.
read more less internet. practice the guitar. visit a museum. open an online store. write more. take more pictures. volunteer. not fret about the little things. invest. enjoy life.

its all good!


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