my ass was kicked in boot camp today. so much so that my shins hurt, my workout buddy was walking funny and there was a lot of cries of agony. i’m still glad i went. but shit! that was friggin’ hard! until next week…

watch this:

it’ll make you want to have a bowl yourself:

in other news: i’ve got sooooo much work on my plate. i’ve got to be zen about this.  last thing i want to do is stress & freak out.


2 thoughts on “thurs

  1. Mmmm Tampopo always makes me want to eat ramen too! Whenever I eat it, I do think of when he’s talking about how the old guy would eat ramen, and silently thank the pig for becoming roast pork for his ramen bowl… Hahaha… and how he dunked all the items in slowly and observed the broth and how it looked. Ha…. Man… I love that film!

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