celebrate lunar new year 4709

happy chinese new year (Gung Hay Fat Choy)! wishing everyone a healthy, happy & prosperous new year. i know i’m looking forward to a year of good things ahead. i’m a little late about spreading the joy but its never too late, even with a bowl of clementines. hehehe

unfortunately, i was unable to make it to my family’s annual new years eve dinner due to the blizzard. which is sad because i was looking forward to some good food, but mostly to hang out with my dad. i mean traditionally its celebrated for 15 days but i’m sure i’ll visit soon once when i find more strength to dig out another 4ft of snow that lies in front of my garage door. I’m literally beat up from shoveling 3x yesterday.

a few traditional things you should do today (but not mandatory): wear red or something new. go vegetarian but seafood is ok. Eat sweets. visit a temple, personal shrine ok. give lucky money (red envelope), if your married.

things you shouldn’t do: sweep or clean (cause that should have been done the day before). use scissors or knives. eat meat. curse. argue. bad behaviour.

Some things i just can’t explain but its just things i was told not to do since i was young so it just kind of stuck with me. most of time, we’re forgiven for not following all the traditions because we grew up in the states. *shrug*


2 thoughts on “celebrate lunar new year 4709

  1. Damn… we ate noodles and lamb dumplings. Oh well… Can’t get all the traditions right. Eat sweets? Totally missed that one! Next year!

    Happy new year, love!!

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