westward bound

a week before the blizzard hit our fair windy city earlier this month, i made a quick getaway to san diego for a few days in hopes for some blue skies, vitamin D and fish tacos.

palm trees and near 80˚F weather was a good sign that i’m somewhere else.

my feet was happy & free from thick socks & tall boots.

once upon a time, there was a chinatown…

taking care of the old is good stuff…especially when there’s a story behind it.

i’m kind of sad i didn’t get to make it to a beach but i did see a pier and nautical beachy things. no tourist’s right mind should miss a visit to old town (i’m being totally sarcastic here. i was forewarned that this place was a tourist trap).  its a kitschy western town where everything is a museum with lots of souvenir shops.i was on my best behavior and didn’t buy any junk souvenir, though i was very tempted to pick up day of the dead MJ figurine.oooo…fresh tortillas. i’m gettin’ hungry no tourist or person in their right mind should miss balboa park (not being sarcastic). my god, its massive & gorgeous! even better when the weather is super perfect. so nice, i decided to have my late lunch  w/ a view @ the prado i got my fish taco on!

sun, fun & food. it was definitely hard to leave san diego for this.

ps. this one’s for you k.d. :p

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