shit, it’s wednesday

so much to do not enough time in a day to complete it.  i can’t believe when i look up and half the day is gone and i still have so much work to get done.

our living room have been a WIP since last fall. we’ve been sooo busy with work, we barely have time to complete one room. my coffee table comes in tomorrow. yay! the hubs plan to finish painting the bookshelves. hang art & instruments. swap out rug (i hope the cat doesn’t pee in it). on the look out for danish end tables w/ drawers.

i still have a truck load of donations to drop off at the nearby salvation army or brown elephant. then i’ve got more to go through in the house to donate. i’m cleaning house, people!

did i mention we are thinking of a dog? start seedlings for this year’s garden. aack!

i know this post sounds choppy & random but that’s how my mind is spinning at the moment. ok, back to work.


One thought on “shit, it’s wednesday

  1. A dog!!! That’s really exciting news! It’d really be great to help keep your toes warm in the winter and also to remind you to take a break from work and get out of the house once in a while too, Ms. Overworked!

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