not ready

while its almost been a week since i’ve been back from my vacation in Panama, i’m not ready to give a recap just yet. i suppose i really didn’t come back feeling fresh and relaxed. it could be the fact that i didn’t come back with a bit of color nor did i eat my way through the country’s cuisine. it could be that insane layover in Houston where we had 5mins to spare for our connectiing flight home.who knows? i’m still full of tension. something is a miss i just need to marinate on it a little more. don’t get me wrong, it was still good but mostly because of good company.

so i’ll come back with a recap another day but today i’ll leave you with the image below. first i was like WTF? then i was kinda grossed out.  i like to take my shoes off and get comfortable, too but who puts they’re foot all up in the air? i’d hate to be the one with a stinkin’ foot hovering over my head from behind. plus what if we came into some sudden turbulence and her hands lost control of the hold, that heel would have bopped that person in the head. bad for that person but possibly funny on my end.

when we landed, i had to see who the stinkin’ foot was.  it turned out to be an old old lady who was like 80+ yrs old. holy shit i was amazed not only was she able to stretch out like, she was also like 2 or 3 times my age. anyhoo, i say its still gross to have a stickin’ feet hovering over my head. don’t you agree?

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