hot da-ham!

every year we host Easter at our house, only because the hub’s grandma decided a few years ago she was to old & tired to host 3 families in her tiny lil condo (i don’t blame her). So over the years we’ve taken over the role to host our immediate family. no aunts, cousins & etc. i like it that way. less drama and less clean up.

anyway, after easter brunch with 6 adults the easter ham barely looks like its even eaten. even after everyone packs a doggy bag, i, the host am left with the  A LOT of ham (probably enough ham to feed a family of 4 for the next 2wks). and since, i hate wasting food and i really don’t want to freeze anymore stuff in my packed freezer, i decided to whip up a few ham related foods:

ham & spinach quiche

split pea soup w/ ham & parmesan croutons

ham salad w/ roasted pecan on top of cucumber, havarti & wheat toast

not pictured: ham sandwiches, ham & eggs omelette and ham fried rice.


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