i went to see these guys last night @ Ravinia. It was packed to the gill! we had lawn seats and didn’t  find one bare piece of green space to set two butts down. so we ended up spreading our blanket on mulch under a tree. they had all these rules of not where to set up but if you saw how much people were packed in the park, you’d make due of what you can to enjoy it even if it meant sitting on a piece of slab concrete. luckily, there was a really nice couple (in their 50s) next to our tree setup, who were enjoying some preshow cognac on ice (nice!) & snacks, gave us their spot & lawn chairs when the show started because they actually had center stage pavilion seats. they chuckled on how my brother and i could even know this music at our age (she thought we were in our early 20s). ha! then a another couple who had an even worst spot, moved into our mulch spot shared thier wine & good laughters with us. i must say as crowd as it was, people were super friendly & nice. i can definitely see coming back for another venue again. next time i’ll be armed and ready early to get a green spot!

lawn seat crowd. do you see any green space?


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