dance away

the past week or two has been filled with no blood but a lot of sweat, tears & more sweat. its been one  gigantic sauna, nearing 100˚F aka 37˚C. crazy, i know! i start beading sweat as soon as that high humidity hits my skin. its insane to say that just over 4months ago, i was in layers of clothes and the heater was still on.

i haven’t been taking much pictures lately. i have to admit it seems like whatever i take seems very blah or maybe i just haven’t been doing anything interesting enough for pictures. then i think it might be my camera. i’m not very happy with this sony P&S. it has its moments and sometimes it just doesn’t deliver. not complaining here. just stating a fact. ha!

this weekend was filled with yard sales, birthday party, frozen cocktails & bboys. i only caught the bboys on film or should i say on digital.

its amazing i’ve never been to this ballroom theater until now. i pass by it ALL the time.

as for the competition, some were good and some were amazing. the aftershow was probably a lot more interesting. the crowd started to disperse to leave but many stayed and formed little pods of poppin’ & lockin’ audience members. kids, old schoolers, even girls, jumped in to show off  their stuff. i thought it was very “one” love. but if you can’t get enough of this stuff, i highly recommend  Planet B-Boy.

well, now i can say i’ve stepped foot in this amazing ballroom.


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