{travel} empire state of mind

hello september! yes, i managed to spring on another spontaneous trip to one of my favorite cities. i couldn’t help it. the deal was much too good to pass up.  so much so, i was even willing to put up with the hot, gross, dirty & smelliness that plagues new york around this time. anyhoo, just a few days before i was to arrive, new york and all of the east coast was hit by the ferocious hurricane Irene. thanks Irene, you just gave new york streets a nice power wash. i arrived to  “fresh,”calm beautiful blue skies & perfect temperatures to match.

i didn’t take much pictures on this trip. i guess i was too busy enjoying the city. this is all i got….

let’s be honest here, museums are not cheap. i’m trying to keep my trips on a budget. but when there is a free pass or hook-up somewhere, i’ll go. so when a friend had free passes to the guggenheim, i’m there! at the guggenheim, if not for the art (which the current exhibit was literally a pile of big rocks, test paints & metal scraps strewn around the building. yeah, sometimes i don’t get it either), the architecture alone is a good reason to visit.

room with no rocks but a room covered in dollah bills (aka hugo boss’ $100,000 room)

coming soon! will have to check it out the next time i’m in town.

i have a confession, i enjoy browsing food stores more than shopping for clothes. going through the aisles. wishing i could buy this or that.

coincidentally it was Eataly‘s 1st birthday. free cake! they were closing off parts of the store for a private event, but a lil birdie said there was a rooftop restaurant. light & airy sans street traffic & car exhaustion. we noshed on some small bites.

the last time i was in town, a friend introduced me to a salty sweet licorice. i’m not a licorice fan but these were different. i only wanted a hand full so i found a place that sells it by the weight in greenwich village.

best thing about nyc is randomly strolling and accidentally finding new places that i didn’t realize existed, like harney & sons tea shop. then again, this is new york, they’ve got almost everything.

not a particularly interesting photo here but you know when your in nyc, there is always a story.

so, we were sitting on the bench waiting for friends for dinner. a young lady (approx. early 20s w/ greenish hair & grundgy clothes) approaches the couple on the bench next to us begging for money. they wave and said no. she then approaches us. begs to spare a dollar or two. after we said no she then proceeds to make racist remarks about asians. she was a writer and has never had luck begging from asians. i told her to leave us the f*k alone but she wouldn’t stop. somewhere btwn a few shouts here & there, she gave me the finger & i returned the gesture. i swear if she didn’t leave us alone soon, my hungry crabby self was ready to kick some asses.

yes, nyc is a colorful city. at least i didn’t witness a homeless man spanking his monkey on some blonde on the subway platform one night (which actually happened to another friend as he waited for his train on the platform)

sadly, i didn’t take much food pix. it doesn’t mean i didn’t eat a lot, just didn’t pull out the camera. so, here’s one more from the new world mall food court in flushing (below). one of the tastiest braised beef casserole i’ve EVER had. that place is like being in asia! makes chinatown manhattan food seem blah. i swear we circled around that food court at least 4 or 5 times trying to decide what to eat. doh!

its definitely a city that never sleeps.

different nights at around midnight, so much people are still out & about.

i still have lots to explore & revisit. until next time. maybe soon. maybe next year. we shall see.


3 thoughts on “{travel} empire state of mind

  1. There is always something new there, eh? I visit a million times and there is always some new hot place.

    BTW salty licorice is one of my favourites. I can’t eat too many, but I do love how they taste! The DZ type is my favourite, but I pretty much love all licorice tasting candies. I wonder how I got the taste for it, because it was always so disgusting when I was younger.

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