how sweet it is…

a few weeks ago, i was a friend’s +1 to an outdoor wedding in Michigan. we left early that day to catch the late afternoon ceremony & reception. little did we know, mother nature decided to dump a bucket of water on our entire 2hr drive there. it finally got down to sprinkles when we reached our hotel which lost power and had to check us in manually. when we left for the ceremony, the searing sun was slowly peaking out of the clouds. at the estate, it was still wet and mushy but it was full on sun.

it ended up being a very beautiful afternoon wedding sans the mob of mosquitos ready to eat us up alive.

not your traditional wedding banquet scene. it was probably one of the most tasteful & beautifully executed wedding i’ve been to.

before we left, we all chose a lil’ succulent to take home (mother of thousands or hens & chicks). i really like party favors that are simple & understated. i mean who really keeps around chotchkie with someone else’s name & wedding date imprinted in your house? at least with a plant, i’ll remember where it came from.


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