first time for everything

I’m usually open to try new things. Trying new food is always great. Trying a new color or meeting new people, I may hesitate a bit but I’m always happy I did it. Now when it comes to trying some kind of new physical activity that is a whole other thing. I did try the golfing range last early fall and LOVED it!

So when the receptionist at the lodge (in Kampot, Cambodia) suggested we go on a kayaking excursion after breakfast, I thought A) This may be the end of my adventures B) Am I friggin’ crazy? And C) Is there enough time? Not only did we have to get back within 3hrs to check out and catch our tuk tuk to our next destination but I don’t swim and I’ve never kayaked in my life. She promised it was easy and would take less than 2hrs. And then I hear myself go, “ok, why not.” Just follow the French couple (the only other people on this excursion). They seem to know where their going.

Upstream we went. We transferred into out kayaks with a hand drawn map and left to row ourselves back to the lodge.

First I had to get use to the lingo of rowing and steering. Then it was a nice cruise around the mangrove, then…..we lost the frenchies. We lost them in the midst of tall mangrove. We tried to see if there was anything recognizable up above but everything looked the same and every corner we turned lead to nowhere. Freakin’ out a bit, hell yeah! Backed tracked and finally found the rickety bridge we had passed in the beginning, then the main downstream river that leads back to the lodge. I was wet, tired and exhausted after that ordeal but we lived to tell. Phew!

Would I kayak again? Maybe but not my first choice. 😀


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