I’m having a slight obsession to roosters, especially the scandinavian-like design of a rooster. The items (pictured above) are just things to look out for when i go thrifting. I use to ridicule & swore that I would never want my kitchen with a blue & white gingham duck theme or any kind of animal. Well, never say never, because  i’m jonesing for some colorful folksy arty roosters for my kitchen. Ha!

One of my  finds at an estate sale was a ceramic trivet (image below). The Scandinavian-like decor caught my eye on the wall over the stove in the midst all the other kitchen junk for sale.

cute isn't it?

The estate sales lady thought I was crazy for wanting it. It was covered in a furry dust of grease. Yeah, pretty gross and somewhat sticky. aaack! Because of that she sold it for an uber bargain. It was a Berggren Original* as the tag says in back. Aaah the thrill of a find! Apparently there are tons of rooster-y things to be found on ebay & etsy. I’m just hoping to find nice vintage enamel water pitcher with a Berggren design or something close to it in my next estate or thrifting excursion.

i’m even happy with this little magnet souvenir i got from a friend.

*Collectable vintage kitchen wares of Berggren Trayner from the  1950’s in Libertyville, IL (northern suburb just outside of Chicago)

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