Standard: First of Spring


First things first, this weather is crazy! definitely the first heat wave to be experienced here in the midwest before winter was even officially over. The leaves haven’t even come in yet, but we’ve been hitting some record high summer weather here. At one point or more, we’ve got more heat than LA & NYC.


Made my way to my first St. Patrick’s Day celebration downtown.

And so did a million other people in green. The first time I was ever in such a color coordinated crowd was in Amsterdam during the Queen’s birthday. The color of that day was orange.

20120320-073151.jpg great weather calls for some great outdoor activities, like the trampoline. It was my first time getting on one of these things. I climbed out all sweaty and jello legged. Before I could collapse onto a lounge chair & a nap, the kids were ready for a second round of jumping. boy, i’m old.

First concert of the year, Black Keys. Great music & visuals. Why do I always end up with the tallest person in front of me. I swear i was in back of a 6ft 12yr old boy. Horrible sound system in such an open venue, especially from where we sat. It was hard to decipher anything said on stage. Young people gulping down watery beer & water at 90% mark up. Extend bathrooms lines. Can’t wait for the outdoor summer concerts.

Accompanied a friend, who was babysitting this big pup (poodle/lab aka labadoodle), to the dog beach. And since i don’t have a dog, it was my first time going to the dog beach. Where dogs take flight on open territory, run wild, dig a sand hole, catch some balls/frisbees, sniff some butts and waddle in the lake. Made me want a dog for a second, until it came back all wet, dirty and stinky.


so much more firsts in the coming year. i blame it on the weather. happy first day of spring.


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