Happy November!

It’s hard to believe October left as fast as it came in. I guess it had a lot to do with coming back from a trip and not realizing October was happening until I dug out from some hot work deadlines.





It took an out-of-town friend’s visit to venture out. and the only time we had was to get on a boat and look up at some beautiful buildings along the Chicago river. It was a good architectural refresher, because one really never becomes a tourist in their own city. Plus I was really shocked at the price to do theses tours. They really should do discounts for residents. Shooo they do it for Disney world in FL!

Anyhoo, don’t let the beautiful cityscape fool you. It was friggin’ cold that day. It was literally 80F/26C one day and overnight it became 40F/4C the next. I think the weather is sticking to the later. Winter is definitely revving up!


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