the holidaze

i finally made it down to the Daley Plaza to check out the annual christkindlmarket via a play i was going to see nearby. we had to kill some time before the show started and spotted the big tree from afar. though the tree may not be as impressive as the one in NY but it’s still a big tree here in Chitown.

as for food, i would have loved to try the schnizel or wurst but i couldn’t make myself pay some outrageous price for something that might only be mediocre. so while everyone was sipping Glühwein from a little ceramic boot & noshing on a bratwurst, all i had was a fresh pretzel with a side of mustard.
i saw some nice things. and i also saw some odd things. but of course its nothing like the christkindlmarkets in Germany, but its still nice to get a bit of my Berlin nostalgia for me.

LISTEN: Grimes. its definitely one of my new fav


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