Accidents happen right? Like the expensive crystal stemware, I rarely use. I was weary about taking them out for the last 2 parties we just had. Not until i was cleaning & ready to put them away again did the inevitable happen. I tapped one of the glasses on wall of the sink. There goes one and now i’m left with an odd number. whomp. whomp.

Today, I made the mistake of sending one of my packages to the wrong person. It was all to coincidental that I had 2 transactions happening right in the midst of x’mas & new years. Its funny, I don’t get a sale for a long time and sometimes it just all happens all at once. I had sent the 1st package the very next day I got the order. The 2nd order came the next day and i just didn’t have the time to get the package labeled & so it sat in the house for almost a week because of the impending holiday. Then the weather got frigid to walk to the post office. Today, I stopped by 3 different post offices and the lines were tremendous! I think someone was really trying to stop me from mailing that last package, but in the end I stood in line and sent it on its way to the wrong person. It was only when I came home to confirm the shipment did I realize the recipient was not the right person. So in the end, I cancelled the 2nd customer’s order and I emailed the 1st customer to tell him he’s getting a 2 for 1 deal. Enjoy & HNY!

When it’s something I did on my own, all I can say is “Ooops!” or “oh, well.” But dagnabbit, I can’t help but feel annoyed at myself for my carelessness. Gaaaaah! Oh well…


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