Sorry, I missed the last Flashback Friday. It sorta came and went before I knew it. Oh well, things happen. I get sidetracked. Out & about. Its bound to happen but here I am.

Nothing new around here but I did make it to Korean Fest last weekend. Outdoor entertainment. Lots of grilled meats & fried foods all in one place. I’ve missed it a few years, more like 6yrs ago, in a row so i was really surprised how much more expansive then I last remembered it to be.


The drumming troupe gettin’ the festivies on:

random thought:
mini skirts or short flow-y dresses. how do women deal with sitting on public transportation or public seating in general, when tight dresses & short skirts ride up when you are in sitting position, which means there’s not much protection between skin & public seats. I’d imagine some woman may be wearing g-string. I mean I see all kinds of weird stuff on seats, like other person’s butt sweat or some dried up gum. Eeeww!


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