{shoe & tell} Weekend in DC

I took a quick spontaneous trip to Washington DC for a long weekend with some friends. It was a trip I could not refuse. Cheap airfare, $29ow, free place to stay and free museums, I’m there! Though the flight was almost 2hrs delayed and a toddler who sat directly in front of us gave us an earful of synchronized screeches (the kind that pierces your eardrum) for most of the duration of our flight, we reminded ourselves this was only $29! That’s cheaper than a fancy meal out and we got to skip town for a few days.IMG_8983

IMG_3218.JPG I didn’t eat here but apparently this is a landmark restaurant for some good greasy eats.

IMG_1924.JPG I didn’t do much touristy things like the Capital or White House but I caught a quick glimpse of the Washington monument from a distance on my way to the Smithsonian.

IMG_9006.JPGIMG_9011.JPG I’m always running out of time in DC museums. The last time I was at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, I saw the Hope diamond and some of its other permanent collections. This time around, I saw a few more permanent pieces which left me only enough time to check out a new temporary exhibit, Beyond Bollywood.

As soon as you walk through the glass doors, the vibrant colors just hits you in the face! A colorful insight and history of immigrants and indian americans in the States. I would have loved to stay and read every inch of the exhibit but time was not on our side. Here’s a digital exhibit (not sure how long this will be up) or a quick video excerpt from the Washington Post.


IMG_9018.JPG Ethiopian dinner at Dukem

IMG_9031-0.JPG On one of our morning walks, we stumbled upon the Spirit of Freedom sculpture just out by the African American Civil War Museum.




IMG_3300.JPG Spent about 3hrs+ at the Holocaust museum. So much information to take in. I came out w/ a heavy heart and sadness for mankind. You’d think that people would learn from the historical oppression & atrocities on humankind but unfortunately these things still happen present day somewhere on this earth.

On a lighter note, always great to catch take in some art and nature.




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