{art} flex time

Earlier this year at Art Stage Singapore, I got the chance to witness some of Li Hongbo’s accordion paper art in action. What looks like a hard plastered sculpture, is really compacted paper that’s been carved into a roman-like bust. You really can’t tell its paper until the man with the white gloves starts pulling and unraveling the head.

His other works in brown paper were exhibited along the wall, stretched out in all directions. For the unflexed parts, the paper almost looks like chiseled & carved wood. I really wish I could have touched the flexing paper.




6 thoughts on “{art} flex time

  1. Hi there, thanks for visiting our blog and liking our posts on Bolivian Empanadas and Coconut Fish parcels. My teenage daughter and I are trying to cook our way round the world, making something from every country, so far we have done about 30 – only 250 or so to go!
    I love these images of this paper art, I’ve seen something similar here in Sydney, but this is way better. Very textural and architectural.
    Cheers Mimsey

    • Thanks for stopping by here, too! I too have only read and seen videos of this paper artist online but it was beautiful to actually view it in person.
      I will be great to see what you two will whip up next. happy cooking!

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