Latest obsession…

wood shop class!!! I’ve been continually taking this class since last spring. I love learning and understanding tools further than an electric drill. It also gives me a chance to step away from the computer. 

Below, I’m practicing on a scroll saw. Not sure what I’ll be making yet.

 Instead of starting a simple project likes birdhouse, I’ve been taking on my to-do-projects I’ve been wanting to make just so I can learn a new tool.

  Using corner clamps to keep my angles straight and together for my new sliding closet doors.

 I did a lot of sanding when I repurposed this wood counter piece to chopping boards. I don’t even remember the name of the tool I used to make the “gutters” in the cutting boards I made (see above). 

 Used a biscuit machine to join and assemble my new outdoor cedar planter. Learned to use an air pressured nail gun to make a compost sifter. 

 Built a modern dog house for a friend, which their cat has taken clam on it now.

 Work in progress: stripped and refinishing an Eames elliptical table. The movers had chipped the original laminate and bent one of the metal legs. Grrrrr! 

I am by no means an expert. I still a slight fear of shiny spinning saws. I still have a lot to learn about all the tools in the shop as I work and build on different projects. Also it helps to have a great teacher who helps guide me along all my crazy projects.


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