Been doing a lot of cooking at home lately. Just trying to save $ from eating out and eating less processed foods. I forget how relaxing and rewarding it is for me.


Latest obsession…

wood shop class!!! I’ve been continually taking this class since last spring. I love learning and understanding tools further than an electric drill. It also gives me a chance to step away from the computer. 

Below, I’m practicing on a scroll saw. Not sure what I’ll be making yet.

 Instead of starting a simple project likes birdhouse, I’ve been taking on my to-do-projects I’ve been wanting to make just so I can learn a new tool.

  Using corner clamps to keep my angles straight and together for my new sliding closet doors.

 I did a lot of sanding when I repurposed this wood counter piece to chopping boards. I don’t even remember the name of the tool I used to make the “gutters” in the cutting boards I made (see above). 

 Used a biscuit machine to join and assemble my new outdoor cedar planter. Learned to use an air pressured nail gun to make a compost sifter. 

 Built a modern dog house for a friend, which their cat has taken clam on it now.

 Work in progress: stripped and refinishing an Eames elliptical table. The movers had chipped the original laminate and bent one of the metal legs. Grrrrr! 

I am by no means an expert. I still a slight fear of shiny spinning saws. I still have a lot to learn about all the tools in the shop as I work and build on different projects. Also it helps to have a great teacher who helps guide me along all my crazy projects.

Checking off a project

As I get older, I realize I want less crap or it may have to find its way out of this house. So I’m slowly chipping away at all the little projects I’ve accumulated over the years.

First thing on the agenda: dinner napkins. I finally made use of the Marimekko scraps I couldn’t throw away. It took a bit to prep but I think it came out pretty well.

My kinda dog

Having just been in Berlin, I actually don’t get the craze for currywurst. It’s basically a deep fried hot dog. Cut into pieces. Doused in ketchup and sprinkled with curry powder. But hey, each to their own stomach, eh?

I might be biased here but Chicago-style hotdogs are so much better. Here’s my concoction of a Chicago-style:

  • uncured beef hotdogs
  • sweet relish
  • organic tomato slices(from the garden)
  • hot pickled green beans,
  • raw chopped onions
  • grainy dusseldorf mustard(German mustard is awesome)
  • a dash of celery salt
  • soft poppy seed bun.


dibble dabble

designer remnants

its been a bit cold in these parts or i should say its been hella cold here. the heat has been hissing nonstop for about a week now. the worse part is that i know this old house has the worst drafts that makes one feel like your in an icebox. one thing i’ve been meaning to tackle was to make a few door snakes to keep out some of the cold from under the doors. luckily, while my girlfriends where x’mas shopping i was busy rummaging a barrel of nice remnants. the pile i ended up with was enough to make four door snakes and it only cost me a mere 95 cent! how awesome is that?!

just when i was ready to start sewing my first snake my machine decides to get all kooky on me. mind you this machine is practically new. the last time i used it was to sew some kitty toys for my cats. after fiddling with it for a few hours & a wasting a spool of thread, i was about to give up & take it in for repair. but….. i managed to fix my machine via youtube. ha, thank good for the internet. it helps to see things visually than to read a manual and not understand certain sewing lingo.

though i wasted a few hours fixing my machine but i was able to sew & stuff one fancy schmancy door snake. now three more to go.

in other news: almost done x’mas shopping! woohoo! keeping it simple & stress free.

mini sweatshop

make-shift sweatshop

for an upcoming get-together with the gals in the ‘hood, i thought it would be a great surprise to make some printed t-shirts for everyone attending. its been hard keeping it a secret but my t-shirt co-conspirator & i are the only ones who knows (unless they read this blog, which i doubt any will by the time they get this). its not the best print job. mainly because i was doing this while watching law & order reruns. oh the suspense! *bum-bum* (think L&O tune). hahaha… plus once i lay down the graphic, that’s it. whatever printed is printed. some shirts my have a graphic positioned in the weirdest spot. so who knows. its a raw print job. its all in good fun.

two days ago, i was printing 300 envelopes for the hubs. he laughed and said wow, its like an actual chinese sweatshop. it kinda was, but the exception was that it was fun for me.

listening: joe le taxi – vanessa paradis