Been doing a lot of cooking at home lately. Just trying to save $ from eating out and eating less processed foods. I forget how relaxing and rewarding it is for me.


{eat} Cut & Roast

I’ll admit, I usually boil my cauliflower or mash it in place of mashed potato and load it with lots of butter. Then there’s the cut & roast method. With a little drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of salt & a dash of smoked paprika. 450˚ and 30mins later. Viola! I’ve got tasty plate of roasted cauliflower! Delish!


i thought i was going to be able to avoid this flu epidemic but alas i caught it and it held me down for a few days. And when your hubs don’t do well in the kitchen, i’m left to muddle my own concoction. just like chicken soup, i crave for something comforting. Congee comes to mind. its a thick rice porridge. watery rice soup. a rice gruel. whatever you want to call it. a poor man’s meal. Poor or not, its a comfort food i need when i’m sick.

With my head pounding and my body aching with chills, i managed to drag myself into the kitchen to see what i can make quickly without much prepping and monitoring. scanning my fridge, i found a few things to quickly make chicken & ginger congee. Best thing to have when making congee a little quicker: leftover cooked rice!

just about 1 cup to 10 cups of water bring to boil then simmer to the right consistency. viola! you can add other ingredients (cooked chicken, fried onions, green onions, etc) to your liking before serving.

To comfort food & good health!