{eat} Cut & Roast

I’ll admit, I usually boil my cauliflower or mash it in place of mashed potato and load it with lots of butter. Then there’s the cut & roast method. With a little drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of salt & a dash of smoked paprika. 450˚ and 30mins later. Viola! I’ve got tasty plate of roasted cauliflower! Delish!


food fixes

as the hot weather sets in, i’m all about quick & easy foods. the last thing i want to do is to be slaving over the stove & adding more heat to the house. blurgh! i really don’t have patience for mile long ingredients & exact measurements (that explains why i rarely bake). i can do recipes that are easy to put together with quick results. i once borrowed a crock pot (because i really don’t want another huge kitchen with no place to put it) & made a few no nonsense comforting foods to eat later(could explain why i love stews & soups).  so this is what i’ve been whippin’ up:

i had a taste for wings the other day. what i really wanted was some fried chicken but i wasn’t about to fry anything in the house (i don’t like frying in the house in general) & wasn’t about to go the fast food route (self guilt). so i made sweet & spicy chicken wings baked in the convection oven. i marinated it with this recipe w/ a few alterations. instead of jalapenos i used indonesian hot pepper sauce & left out the ginger cause i didn’t have any at the time. it turned out nice especially with the fresh green onion (so nice to have it just growing outside my backyard). delish!

i wanted breakfast pizza one day. so instead of rolling out the pizza dough i used afghan flatbread from the afghan store (so nice to find ethnic foods in the city). stirfried some shitake & button mushrooms, pancetta w/ onions & garlic. scrambled an egg. shaved some gruyere cheese. baked it till crispy & threw on some fresh italian arugula (also from the garden). tah-dah!

flatbread pizza

then one day i wanted fish taco. i’m a bit weary when it comes to buying & preparing fish. i’m just not good at it. again, i wasn’t going to fry in the house, especially fish. aaack! so while shopping at my local mexican supermercado, i saw whole fried tilapia at the food counter for $2.50. how super is that?!

i didn’t end up making fish tacos, but instead i ate it with a side of fresh apple slaw i made the day before. the fried fish & the fresh slaw just evened  the meal all out. it was good & i may have to do that again if they have the fish again. yum!

i think i can go for quick & easy food fixes anytime. 🙂


R's psuedo paella

summers are about backyard get togethers with all the girls in the ‘hood. plenty of food, cold refreshing fruity sangria & lots-n-lots of cackling laughter & fun. we couldn’t have picked a more perfect evening.

lemongrass chicken on the grill

lemongrass chicken on the grill

finger foods

finger foods

simple food remix



sometimes i just want a simple lunch. in this case, used up the roasted potatoes & red onion leftover w/ panfried chinese eggplant & garlic. i just love how eggplants sweeten up when caramalized. yumz! then i went out in the yard & chopped up some fresh chives. salt & pepper. viola!

banana wheat bread w/ flaxseed

what i make isn’t necessarily what i want. i’m craving for some unhealthy fried food right now. luckily, i don’t like to deep fry anything in the house. i also don’t have any potato chips or any other junkie snacks for my munchie-self. i guess i can always jump into my car or walk around the block for some fast food satisfaction. then again, i’m too lazy & its cold out there. so i’m left with this healthy stuff. i know sad, huh?